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Various pronunciation american

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A letter from Fajardo to the king (December 10, 1621) considerations numerous subjects of administration and business.

Various impulses prompt him right into a pouring flood of words; but he gave expression to none of them.


He accuses the latter of varied unlawful and artful acts, amongst them sending contraband gold and jewels to Mexico.

The night time handed amid numerous excursions on the a a element of Aristide and alarms on the element of Jean.

No younger Cave Swallows have been taken and gonads of adults have been in numerous levels of reproductive activity.

He invitations numerous gamers to make the cards; that is completed in reasonably a perfunctory manner.

So a lot for the angle of the numerous faculties of spiritual concept in the direction of the Bible.


Dramatic adaptation in expressing numerous characters, emotions, and motives is probably very great.


Various subjects stated via the governor obtain perfunctory and formal answers.

Baroness Schopenhauer died at Jena; a lady of proficiency and celebrity, and writer of varied works, which have been collected in 24 vols.

Various synonym

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Relating to or containing individuals from numerous ethnicities and social backgrounds:

Differing from all others; unusual:

Having fantastic variety; diverse.

Consisting of some large, indefinite quantity (of individuals or things); numerous

The definition of various is one thing that has many substances or that’s great in number.

Modified via diversification

The definition of dissimilar is issues which are different.

Changeable; variable; fluctuating

Having many aspects, uses, or abilities

Part or all of this entry has been imported from the 1913 version of Webster’s Dictionary, which is now freed from copyright and therefore within the general public domain. The imported definitions could also be critically out of date, and any further current senses could also be utterly missing.

The definition of variegated is marked with assorted colors, or various in form.

Having many sides; polygonal

Consisting of or working a number of units of 1 type on the identical time.

More than two however not many; of an indefinite however small number; few

Not uniform in nature, value, etc. ; irregular; variable

Unpredictable or capricious.

Having many aspects, uses, or abilities

Having many aspects, uses, or abilities

Different from each other (with the preferable adposition being “from”).

The definition of heterogeneous is having numerous components or parts.

Characterized by means of or consisting of each effective and damaging features, judgments, etc.

Having components of serious selection or incongruity; heterogeneous:

Having greater than one form or appearance.

Consisting of a haphazard assortment of other kinds; miscellaneous.

(Programming, of a function) in a position to take a number of knowledge types

(Chemistry) Crystallizing in two or extra diverse forms; polymorphic

Composed of inherently diverse or distinct elements; incongruous.

(Mathematics) Failing to method a limit; not convergent.

Being of a sure unspecified (but sometimes considerable) number, quantity, degree, etc.

Comprehensive in extent or depth:

Having many points or aspects.

Exhibiting appreciable selection or diversity:

Variable or inconstant; changeable:

The definition of discrete is one thing that’s separate or distinct.

Capable of being changed, changeable, mutable

Like a fluid; that may trade quickly or easily; not settled or fixed

Changeable; susceptible to mutate.

Erratic in habits, purpose, or behavior

Being such that alteration is possible:

The definition of quite a few is just too many to be counted or too numerous to measure.

Having many aspects, uses, or abilities

The definition of miscellaneous is individuals or issues which can be diverse or combined and can’t simply be categorized or grouped.

Of an in contrast to kind; different

(Archaic) Variable; changeable

Characterized by means of selection or variation:

Relating to specific individuals or things, every to each; particular; own.

Having an expansion of colors; variegated.

Having many aspects, uses, or abilities

Of or for one only; not shared or held in common

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