Navy Officer Shoulder Boards – Shoulder Boards Epaulettes

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Navy officer shoulder boards

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If an officer demonstrates superior efficiency and proves themselves able to acting on a better greater pay grade, then they’re given a rise in pay grade. The official time period for this course of is a promotion.

Commissioned naval officers originate from the United States Naval Academy, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, different Service Academies (United States Military Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, or United States Air Force Academy), Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), Officer Candidate School (OCS), the since-disestablished Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS), and a number of different commissioning packages reminiscent of the “Seaman to Admiral-21” program and the restricted obligation officer/chief warrant officer (LDO/CWO) choice program. There are additionally a small variety of direct commissioned officers, primarily group corps officers within the medical, dental, nurse, chaplain and choose advocate normal profession fields.

Commissioned officers can usually be divided into line officers and workforce corps:

Note 2: See additionally Commodore (United States) — at the moment an honorific identify (but not a pay grade) for chosen URL captains (O-6) in predominant command of a number of subordinate operational units, and previously a rank (O-7).[7]

Note 3: The time period “line officer of the naval service” consists of line officers of each the Navy and the Marine Corps. All U.S. Marine Corps officers are seen “of the line,” together with Marine Corps restricted obligation officers, chief warrant officers, and warrant officers, no matter grade or specialty.[8]

“Tombstone promotions”[edit]

The Act of Congress of March 4, 1925, offered for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officers to be promoted one grade upon retirement, in the event that that they have been specifically recommended for efficiency of obligation in precise combat, referred to as “tombstone promotions”. Officers who acquired such tombstone promotions, or additionally referred to as “tombstone officer”, carried the loftier identify however didn’t draw the extra retirement pay of their increased rank. The Act of Congress of February 23, 1942, enabled promotions to three- and four-star grades. Promotions have been subsequently restricted to citations issued earlier than January 1, 1947, and eventually eradicated altogether efficient November 1, 1959.[9]

Any officer who served honorably in a grade whereas on lively obligation receives priority on the retirement checklist over any “tombstone officers” of the identical grade, whereas “tombstone officers” of the identical grade rank amongst one another in keeping with their dates of rank of their best lively obligation grade.[10]

Shoulder boards epaulettes

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Today, epaulettes have principally been changed via a five-sided flap of fabric referred to as a shoulder board, which is sewn into the shoulder seam and the top buttoned like an epaulette.

From the shoulder board became advanced the shoulder mark, a flat material tube that’s worn over the shoulder strap and carries embroidered or pinned-on rank insignia. The benefits of this are the power to simply trade the insignia as events warrant.

Airline pilot uniform shirts usually embrace material flattened tubular epaulettes having material or bullion braid stripes, hooked up via shoulder straps integral to the shirts. The rank of the wearer is designated via the variety of stripes: historically 4 for a captain, three for senior first officer or first officer, and two for both a primary officer or second officer. However, rank insignia are airline specific. For example, at some airlines, two stripes denote junior first officer and one stripe second officer (cruise or aid pilot). Airline captains’ uniform caps typically may have a braid sample on the bill. These uniform specs trade counting on the company’s policy.

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