Thought You Should Know Shasta County – Shasta County Recall Election 2022

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Thought you should know shasta county

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The crews cleansing particles have been arduous at work eradicating waste in our community. As you come back to your property, what you notice won’t be what you expected. The crews could have wanted to get rid of fairly of little bit of soil to make sure there’s no lingering poisonous contamination. There could also be harm to, or removing of, driveways and sidewalks. This harm is a component of the declare you’ll have to file together with your insurance coverage company. If there are different places broken because of the particles removing program, the subsequent related declare variety could be used to file with the Debris Removal Operations Center (DROC) – situated within the rear portion of the Bank of America constructing on Hilltop Drive.

Building Department for Redding & Shasta County:



County Assessor’s dashboard of houses which have been assessed to date:

Shasta County Assessor/Recorder Carr Fire page:

Look up in case your house is within the City of Redding or Shasta County unincorporated areas:

Contractors Listed with State Licensing Board (Check if a contractor is licensed):

After A Disaster Guide from Contract’s State License Board:



Owner-Builder Know your Responsibilities:



10 Tips to Make Sure Your Contractor Measures Up:



What You Should Know Before You Hire A Contractor:



Shasta Builders Exchange – Find an area contractor:

Be Aware of Home Improvement Scams:

File a grievance with BBB:

BBB Scam Tracker & Report a Scam:

Shasta county school board elections

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Early outcomes present that one incumbent is forward to date within the race for the Shasta County Board of Education, Area 2.

Steve MacFarland has 28.11% of the vote, in keeping with the preliminary outcomes launched shortly after polls in Shasta County closed at eight p.m.

Challenger Arthur Gorman is in second place, with 25.34% of the vote, in line with the primary results.

The different incumbent within the race, Rhonda “Hookham” Hull, has 23.43% of the vote.

Challenger Richard Gallardo has 15.67%, whereas Dolores Lucero has 7.46% of the vote.

The first rely comes from mailed and hand-delivered ballots that arrived on the election workplace earlier than Tuesday.

The peak two vote-getters will take seats on the board.

Shasta county voter guide

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Lt. Governor

Attorney General

Secretary of State

State Treasurer

State Controller

Insurance Commissioner

Superintendent of Public Instruction

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